10 Versatile Silver Jewellery Pieces for Working Women

10 Versatile Silver Jewellery Pieces for Working Women

It’s the monday blues yet again, with a whole week left ahead. During these boring days where the sunday night flashes right before you, it becomes essential to embrace a glow up. Now that’s when Touch925 steps in, to make every moment an occasion. Ranging from various varieties catering to all the needs, we have it for all.  

Silver, often considered a timeless metal due to it’s adaptability to almost all kinds of attires and shades, is indeed one of the best options to consider for when deciding to upgrade your work attire. Due to it’s cool tone, it gives a professional and a subtle look hence making it optimum to add to your office jewellery. Confused among the different varuieties present? Let Touch925  sort it by presenting some timeless classics from it’s collection. 

Silver Earrings Perfect for Workwear Jewellery

Starting from the head, let us have a look at some stunning ranges from Touch925’s earrings collection for your workwear jewellery

  1. Classic stud earrings for a polished look

When opting for a subtle everyday office jewellery, there is nothing that can beat the studs. Small and often dainty, these beauties are an excellent addition to your everyday wear without breaking the bank. Hence if you are looking to add a subtle glam, Touch925 presents it’s Chunky CZ Rosegold Circular Studs. With a slight hue, its adds a sense of warmth to your overall ensemble.

  1. Hoop earrings for a modern touch

All the fashionistas out there, these hoops are for you! So now make a statement with some bold office jewellery. These Clover Charm C-Hoop, a pair of lightweight hoops with a pop of green are more than enough to make you stand out in a group without becoming too overbearing. The best part? These are extremely comfortable to wear all day with a secure clasp. 

  1.  Statement drop earrings for added sophistication

Last but not the least, wanting to add a length and texture to the overall ensembole? Well it’s time to replace simple earrings with some statement danglers exuding confidence and adding a length.Touch925’s Radiant CZ Sparkle Earrings are the perfect fit for everyday women office wear jewellery with just the right amount of subtle glam and shine. 

Trending Silver Necklaces for Professional Women

Once the earrings are sorted, it’s now time to adorn the beautiful neck. 

  1. Delicate silver chain necklace for a subtle accent

At the end, it is all about the little details. Even a plain simple necklace can make a difference in one’s overall appearance. Touch925’s Classic Silver Chain Locket is a subtle addition to any outfit be it plain or textured. Thus this indeed makes it a perfect office jewellery. 

  1.  Pendant necklace to add a personal touch

Why not add a small pendant to the overall flair? A pendant chain not only gives a dainty look but also provides a sense of personalisation to one. It’s more than just a piece of jewellery,as often it connects to ones emotions. To honour these emotions, Touch925 brings you it’s exquisite Silver Stone Rectangle Necklace,a lightweight silver pendant necklace perfect for everyday wear be it almost any occasion.

  1. Layered necklaces for a trendy yet professional style

Once done in dealing with pendants and simple necklaces, it’s time to get an upgrade. Style yourself with some layer this summer to add an extra edge to your look. Layering often gives a fuller look thus making any simple outfit style statement worthy. So this summer style yourself with Touch925’s Enigmatic Eight Star introduced in its latest summer collection. Make your office hours brighter now. 

Must-Have Silver Bracelets for Office Wear Jewellery

Why leave those beautiful wrists so empty? Now style them with some elegantly designed bracelets and kadas. Crafted with precision they are designed especially for you to make a statement. 

  1. Simple silver bangle for understated elegance

For starters, let us start with some simple bangle kadas. Classic and lightweight, Touch925’s Silver Harmony Kada is perfect to compliment any outfit be it tradition or formal. Moreover, the versatile design makes it suitable to wear it almost everyday as workwear jewellery with utmost comfort. Lastly, worry not about the blackening, as Touch925 ensures it’s jewellery ultimate shine with anti-tarnish properties.

    2. Charm bracelet for a playful touch

Feeling a bit extra? Well let us match your vibe! Introducing Touch’s 925 SilverTrinklet Charm Kada with cute little charms to dazzle your shine. Giving a fresh look, these beauties are perfect to brighten up any monotonous day.

3.  Cuff bracelet for a bold statement   

And now it’s time for the show stopper. Dazzle up your office jewellery with Touch925’s Rosegold Cuff Adjustable Kada. As the name signifies, its perfect for anyone… Literally. Hence take this as your sign, to glam your boring monday with some rosegold hue. Perfect for any day be it any occasion, this is just the right match to channel that inner diva 

 Silver Rings for Everyday Office Wear

Last but not the least, how can we leave those tiny pieces of solitaires behind? As said, big surprises often come in small packages, it surely stands true for Touch925 rings. Made from pure 92.5 silver guaranteeing the ultimate shine, these rings are the right match match your workwear vibe. Let us dive in to explore a few varieties. 

  1.  Solitaire ring for timeless elegance

First off, let’s start with a Touch925’s Radiant Centerpiece Silver Ring, a classic solitaire that can complement any look be it formals or some tradtionals. A simple band with a good zircon right in the center, this is surely one straight out of a movie. The best is yet to come, not only it’s affordable but sparkles just right to provide a fancy touch to your your office work wear.

  1. Stackable rings for versatility and customization

When it comes to rings, there are often two options present. Firstly, choose a centerpiece solitaire, secondly; you can go for a fuller look through stacking. Try wearing 3 minimal rings including Touch925’s Eternal Embrace Silver Ring together in different fingers,hence fitting the latest trend. Stacking as a matter of fact has the ability to turn any boring look into a fun encaptivating one.


  1. Cocktail ring for a touch of glamour

Lastly, when in mood to become a little extra, Touch925 is right here to serve your needs.Touch925’s Ethereal Elegance Silver Ring with it’s trendy design serves major fashion goals in workwear jewellery. With that extra shine and blending it with timelessness of classic solitaire, this can be you be your 9-5 and post it look. 

Tips for Styling Silver Jewellery in the Workplace

Once done with selecting the right pieces, it all comes down to how we are styling the office jewellery. Styling can play a major role in either uplifting or ruining ones wardrobe. Hence accurate way of doing so plays a pivotal role in changing the fashion game. Here at Touch925, let us provide some fashion tips to upgrade your fashion game. 

  1. Choosing pieces that complement your wardrobe

One always associates style with the clothes they wear, often neglecting the importance of jewellery. Styling the jewellery according plays a crucial role in making a good style. Hence always select the same according to your clothing style. If into professionals, try opting for subtle studs, however if opting for semi casuals, let hoops or dangler enhance your look. 

  1. Balancing statement pieces with understated ones

As said by wise, too many cooks spoil the broth. It stands true in terms of workwear jewellery styling as well. Hence while deciding office wear jewellery, balancing is always the key. If opting for heavy hoops, then try balancing it with subtle stacking of simple rings. Similarly if wearing a heavy neck piece, try opting for minimal dainty studs. Balancing a statement piece with undertanted one is the key to getting your perfect style.

  1. Mixing and matching silver jewellery for a unique look

Last but not the least, Touch925 provides various tints in pale silver. Why not utulise it in the most optimal manner? Try mixing a cool silver with some warmth of roesgold hence providing the perfect balance. While stacking rings, try styling a one plain rosegold band with two silvers. Mixing is the new glam indeed. 

Styling is the Key

As we come to an end, it is now upon you,how you style your office wear jewellery. Always remember, styling and balancing is the key to a beautiful attire. So now it’s time to say no more to the oh so boring office wear and embrace a new style with Touch925’s pure silver jewellery

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