Get A Stylish Upgrade This Holi 2024 With Touch925's Shades of Persona Collection

Get A Stylish Upgrade This Holi 2024 With Touch925's Shades of Persona Collection

Holi, often considered a festival of colors, is yet again arriving with a banger! However, most people tend to overlook the fact that each color in Holi, represents your inner persona. This Holi season, Touch925 with its pure silver Indian jewellery is here to connect your personality to each color with its exclusive Shades of Persona collection. It’s now time to add some sparkle this Holi 2024! Long gone are the days when Holi was about wearing old rags. This season, we glam it up with a sparkling silver collection curated just to match your different persona. It's time for an upgrade. Explore our stunning range of Silver Jewellery online to elevate your Holi ensemble to new heights.

Introducing Shades of Persona 

Everyone is unique, with their beautiful traits. Keeping this in mind, Touch925 introduces its Shades Of Persona collection to embrace these beautiful personas and honor every one of them. Ranging from serene midnight radiant shades to orchid elegance embedded in pure silver jewellery, you can now wear a heart on your sleeves… literally. 

Upgrade your look with some Silver Jewellery

Worried about what to wear for Holi? Let’s simplify your decisions by having a look at the significance of each hue and how it can embrace your vibe for Holi. 

  1. Midnight Radiance Set

The name defines it all! Striking a perfect balance between calm serene and a mood to glam up this midnight radiance set is just what you need this Holi to embrace your peaceful persona. Crafted from pure silver jewellery, each piece exudes elegance with every detail. So now you can get an upgrade this Holi 2024 with just the right amount of sparkle

  1. Garnet Harmony Set

Who doesn't love a deep shade of purple that just screams luxury? Introducing our Garnet Harmony Set, a perfect blend of royalty and simplicity. When in the mood for some peace, pride, and royalty, pick your favorite deep hues of purple embedded perfectly in this set. Let this silver jewellery define your power and aura in Holi without you worrying about it getting damaged! 

Amethyst Twilight Trio Set

So far we have discovered the emotions of peace, serene, and luxury; but how can we forget the most important emotion of all? Love. Be it in any festival, love is the foundation of it. It is what keeps us bonded together. To honor this emotion, Touch925 has curated this beautiful Amethyst Twillight Trio Set specially for you to feel connected to this euphoric emotion. Amethyst is often considered to represent Love and good luck, and when paired with Silver jewellery, it surely also represents magnificence. So wear this beautiful trendy piece of silver jewellery set for Holi and celebrate it with love and joy! 

Gold Regal Emerald Set

Festivals are all about joy and new beginnings and Holi is no exception to it. Touch925’s Gold Regal Emerald Set serves as a reminder to start fresh with some pure harmonious vibes and connect back to your roots. It serves as a reminder for you to dazzle with that beautiful shine in silver. Not only that, but it is highly comfortable to wear all day without leaving any sort of rash, which can become a major concern during Holi seasons. So no more worrying and just enjoy your heart out!  

Styling your silver jewellery correctly

Now that we have an idea of what emotions each color represents, we arrive at the most crucial part, which is styling it. Remember, bad styling can ruin even the best of the looks. But worry not as we have gathered just the right amount of details to ensure you slay this Holi season with perfect glamor and class. 

  1. Selecting your outfit

When planning to wear silver jewellery from Shades of Persona Collection, try opting for simple pastels with pink, blue, or purple hues. This can help to elevate your overall look without going over the top. Holi is all about simplicity blended with colors and with jewellery sorted, you can pull off a beautiful elegant look with some pastels.

More Often we see people wearing whites during Holi, it has become a common practice. However, at Touch925, we believe that everyone is unique. Thus, following our aim to make you stand out from the rest, pairing a beautiful Orchid Twilight Trio Set or a Gold Regal Midnight Set with plain white outfits will fill your vibe with beautiful vibrance to match your persona with Holi! 

  1. Planning your Hairstyle

After planning the outfit, the next step is choosing the perfect hairstyle. For this beautiful set, best to go for a sleek tight ponytail or a gorgeous messy bun. With hair tucked behind, you can not only boast your elegant silver jewellery but also enjoy Holi without worrying about hair damage.

Ways To Clean Your Jewellery Post Holi

Once done with styling, now comes the most important step, which is cleaning it. Although Touch925 ensures optimum fine quality silver jewellery made up of pure 92.5 silver, it is always advised to clean the jewellery. For this purpose, we have specially curated a list of ways to do so. 

  1. Toothpaste 

Considered one of the most effective options, use a basic toothpaste with a soft bristle brush to clean your silver jewellery thoroughly and ensure its everlasting shine 

  1. Lemon Juice 

A perfect solution for those whose aim is to make their jewellery bling. Mix a half cup of lemon juice with some olive oil. Using a soft dry and clean cloth, lightly rub off any stains on your jewellery. 

  1. Soap and Water 

Last but not least, use a simple solution of soap and some lukewarm water to remove any color in the corners and the stones attached. 

Let Silver Speak Your Style This Holi 2024  

With the Holi season coming near, Touch925 is ready to ensure you dazzle the brightest. From connecting your persona with some glam to some best styling tips and post-Holi jewellery care, we aim to make this Holi one of your best. Now say no more to those old hags and welcome this festive season with a subtle touch of elegance. Feel every emotion with our exquisite Shades Of Persona Collection and fret not about the quality! Made from pure 92.5 silver, we ensure a meticulous intricate quality check. Explore our stunning range of pure silver jewellery online to add extra sparkle to your celebrations. Keeping this in mind, Touch925 wishes you a very Happy Holi! 

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