Necklace Length Chart: Choose the Ideal Necklace Length

Necklace Length Chart: Choose the Ideal Necklace Length - Touch925

Are you still confused on what type of necklace among the multiple options? Well, then this is the right place to come. Before adding the necklace to the shopping cart, you should consider the necklace length. To make things simple for you, here’s how you can select a suitable necklace for yourself. You will also get an idea about the standard necklace lengths. We have also covered about the average necklace size that’s suitable for every need. 

Does Necklace Length Matter?

When you’re looking to complement your outfit, the necklace length will certainly matter the most. For instance, a collar necklace will catch the eyes when it’s worn along with high-necked tops. However, necklaces dangling from the neck’s base right till the collarbone can be used with any kind of outfit. And of course, you have to consider  your preferences and style when you are determining the chain length. After all, you shouldn’t regret purchasing something to suit your style. Now, let’s dive into the lengths of your ideal necklace. 

What are the sizes of these different Necklaces?

When you decide to splurge to pamper yourself, you will observe necklaces in different sizes. These vary in lengths between 14 inches and 36 inches. But, while selecting a necklace, the size will depend on what you love wearing. You can either buy necklaces extending to the clavicle or ones that can go below the chest. Chokers measure 14 inches and those with pendants have a size of 18 inches. As compared to necklaces for women, necklaces for men are quite long and measure up to 30 inches. Let’s us quickly take you through the standard necklace lengths. 

What are the Standard Necklace Lengths?

As you visit our website, you may observe necklaces in different sizes. These include necklaces ranging between 16” and 30” and you will actually fall in love with them regardless of the style you wish to boast. 

 16” necklaces
Such necklaces look great as they rest around the top of the collarbone. You can pair these with V-neck tops or button-up blouses to make the right impression.  

18” necklaces
These necklaces rest below the collarbone and complement dresses with different necklines. To amp up an everyday look, you can match these on with an evening dress.  

20” necklaces
Still looking for a long necklace? Why not consider 20” necklaces? While you start wearing these necklaces, they rest a few inches below the collarbone. You can even think about Matinees that rest between the breastbone and collarbone.  

22” necklaces
You will have many excuses to put these one of a kind 22” necklaces. Such types of necklaces add bling to your personality as they rest below the collarbone. They are sure to look stunning with an outfit that has a low neckline.  

24” necklaces
Layering such necklaces will make you appear stylish like never before. For the visual interest that you wished to create, consider a pure silver necklace set with princess-length chains.  

30” necklaces
Stretching below the bustline, these necklaces can be paired with several apparels. Once you start wearing these, you are sure to be the next trendsetter.   

Apart from the ones listed above, opera necklaces ranging from 28” to 36” in size can just be in your shopping list. 

Average Necklace Length for a Woman

In today’s world of fashion, you will spot women wearing necklaces of different sizes. The necklace lengths for women can differ depending on their preferences and trends. However, women love flaunting styles by wearing “princess-length” necklaces from 17 to 19 inches. Besides, they look magnificent even when they wear their all-time favorite dresses. Way beyond that, the body type can also influence a woman’s choice. To complement certain outfits, you may opt for rope-length necklaces. Some women may even prefer to buy stylish necklaces ranging between 14 and 16 inches. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to look within the set budget in mind. Now, let’s check how you can clear the confusion while selecting the best necklace.  

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length?

There are many factors that can help you make an apt choice. You can choose something out of the ordinary among silver necklaces for girls.  

Consider Body Type
A short necklace like a choker looks great on a petite silhouette. Such necklaces are 14 to 26 inches in length. But, for an average body type, you should consider a princess necklace of 18 inches. Longer necklaces may look visually appealing, but necklaces with shorter lengths can mirror the looks of a fashion diva.  

Neckline of the Apparel
Long necklaces with a length varying between 28 and 36 inches can also appear beautiful. You will always be in the limelight while wearing these with an outfit that has a high neckline. But, to complement a dress with a V-neckline, a necklace with a length of around 20 inches is suitable. 

Personal Preference
Whenever you’re about to make a purchase, choose the necklace that suits your style. Think about wearing different necklaces and check how you look in front of the mirror. A shiny pendant will surely look attractive with the necklace. 

Eventually, consider buying necklaces that have extenders. These offer versatility when you’re trying to boast different style trends. But, before you move ahead, ensure that you have the budget for a set of necklaces. As these are layered for a stylish look, you will be ahead in enhancing visual interest.   

Is it a Good Idea to Layer Necklaces of Different Lengths? 

When you wish to exude style, layering necklaces can create an appealing look. Once you put on necklaces of varying lengths, people are sure to admire your style. Mixing and matching assorted necklaces, can also be thought of, to suit your attire. Depending on your style, layering will also complement your beauty and the neckline. For instance, if you have a high neckline, then wearing short and long necklaces will take your personal style to the next level. You will certainly mirror a unique look that speaks more about your preferences. 

Want to explore a range of necklaces? Well, Touch925 has got you covered. 

Exude Timeless Glamor with Touch925

With an eye for detail, Touch925 showcases necklaces to suit every woman’s style. Once you glance through the online collection of elegant necklaces, you will certainly find something unique to add to your stylish look.

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