The Latest Earring Tops Trends This Year

The Latest Earring Tops Trends This Year

The rise in trends of Top Earrings 

Earrings has surely leveled up in the fashion game recently. From major statement earrings to minimal aesthetics, silver earrings complete your look. Dating back to history, silver earrings were considered a style icon worn by various queens and princesses including our very own favorite Cleopatra. 

Among these, the type of earrings that are rising in the ranks of popularity these days is certainly the ‘earring tops’ Not only they are lightweight and comfortable to wear but these small drops of sparkles are a wonder on their own. Known as the ear accessory that covers your earlobe and hangs in there tightly, these are also considered to often be a super budget-friendly option. Touch925, with its aim to provide the best quality with affordability, has a wide range of tops of various shapes and sizes made from pure silver. Let us dive in to explore more. 

Why do earrings tops matter

Tops are often considered to be quite a safe option while accessorizing. Due to its lightweight and elegant nature, it ensures the comfort of the wearer along with giving a subtle glam. Most importantly, it almost goes with any outfit, be it heavy cocktails or some plain pastel due to its variety of sizes and hence caters to almost all needs. 

Speaking of comfort, there are other factors as well to adhere to while accessorizing, the most crucial being updated about the latest fashion trends. When it comes to trends, some are surely timeless, such as the tops. However, fashion is a dynamic factor with change being the only constant. Hence, being updated about the latest trends helps to make your fashion decisions for trendy jewellery much more efficient and effective. Adding your input to this trend makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Top Earring Trends for 2024

  1. Statement Studs

Who doesn't love a statement? How about we mix a statement with some minimalism and a touch of tradition? Just a perfect piece and that is what Touch925 is all about. So now you can get your perfect modernity infused with tradition with Touch925’s Oxidised Green Droplets Stud. These green oxidized beauties are lightweight to wear and promote shopping quality under a budget.

  1. Hoop Earrings

A pair known to balance any attire often, hoops are a timeless classic, What was a classic back then is now becoming a fashion statement. Ranging from various sizes and prices, pairing silver or rose gold hoops with almost any outfit can never go wrong. Looking for a versatile yet statement pair of hoops? Look no more as Touch925’s Chunky CZ-Studded Hoops are the perfect classics we all need to have in our collection. Mid-sized and studded, the rose gold hue adds a beautiful tint of warmth to the overall ensemble. When planning to balance an outfit, always go for hoops. 

  1. Ear Cuffs

A rising trend among our favorite Gen Z celebs along with some classic divas, ear cuffs are now becoming the new style statements. Clinging and giving a completely edgy look to your ears, these are a great addition to your fashion closet. Ballad Bling Ear Cuff from Touch925 makes an exceptional style partner with its mixture of pure silver and pearls. Lightweight and lustrous, these beauties never fail to turn heads and grab some spotlight. 

How to Style Silver Earring Tops

When completing your ensemble, styling always plays a crucial part; be it any accessories. Hence, while pairing up your outfits, if not able to decide on a good pair of earrings, then tops are a safe bet. Dainty and statement at the same time, these tops can be a miracle worker. 

Tops are often best paired with either a loose bun or a sleek ponytail. Due to its size, always pair it up with pushed-back hairstyles for greater visibility and clear statements. You can also play with some creativity by trying out the French braid hairstyles, giving a graceful finish. Similarly, if you have more than one piercing, then why not mix and match these tops? Try pairing Touch925’s Classic CZ Silver Tops and Electric CZ Tops, giving you the right amount of sparkle. As match and mix is the new trend, let Touch925 fulfill your needs by keeping you ahead in trend games. 

Which silver is best for earrings?

When it comes to opting for the metal, always choose the best one. In this case, it’s often considered wise to opt for 92.5 silver. Due to its quality and lustrous shine, 92.5 silver is one of the best options for silver earrings. At touch925, only the best is served and the quality of silver is no exception to it. With detailed attention given to maximizing the quality, each piece is handcrafted with mastered excellence and craftsmanship. 

Similarly, there are also several benefits associated with wearing pure silver. Often this silver is considered to bring good luck and is a symbol of purity. In terms of health benefits, it helps maintain the body temperature and also helps in reducing itchiness and rashes. However in the latter, one needs to confirm no allergy to this metal, or else can have adverse effects. At Touch925, get your pure silver jewellery crafted with the utmost care, detailed to elegance just for you. 

Time for an upgrade

With exploring the latest rising trend in tops, it has now become clear to select the right pair for you so you can upgrade your style game effectively. Remember to always remain updated with the top trends. You can try reading fashion magazines for some styling inspirations. So now it’s time for you to get ahead in this styling game and embrace the fanciest version of yourself with no regrets. Let Touch925 make you the most beautiful version of ‘YOU’. 

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