Women Anklets

Explore Touch925's collection of silver payal for women and anklets for girls. Crafted from 925 silver, each piece is designed to adorn your ankles with grace and style. Perfect for traditional wear or adding a charming accent to any outfit.

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Eye of Harmony - Touch925

Eye of Harmony

₹ 2,397 ₹ 1,199
Introducing the "Eye of Harmony" Silver Evil Eye Anklet by Touch925, a mesmerizing blend of symbolism and style that adds a touch of protection and elegance to your everyday look....
Tranquil Elegance Anklet - Touch925

Tranquil Elegance Anklet

₹ 2,678 ₹ 1,339
• The "Tranquil Elegance" Silver Minimalist Anklet is a masterpiece of understated beauty meticulously crafted. • This anklet is a celebration of simplicity and grace, tailored for those who find...
Vintage Opulence Anklet - Touch925

Vintage Opulence Anklet

₹ 2,794 ₹ 1,397
• The "Vintage Opulence" Silver Pearl and Black Bead Anklet is a masterpiece by inspired by the timeless allure of old-school glamour. • At the heart of this anklet, a...
Lotus Serenity Anklet - Touch925

Lotus Serenity Anklet

₹ 1,839 ₹ 920
• The "Lotus Serenity" Silver Anklet is a graceful piece of jewellery that beautifully encapsulates the tranquility and timeless beauty of the lotus flower. • This anklet serves as a...
Trinity Delight Anklet - Touch925

Trinity Delight Anklet

₹ 2,030 ₹ 1,015
• The "Trinity Delight Anklet," an exquisite silver piece adorned with a captivating trio of colorful beads, offering a harmonious blend of beauty and sophistication. • Crafted from pure 92.5...
Tri-Elegance Anklet - Touch925

Tri-Elegance Anklet

₹ 2,074 ₹ 1,037
• The "Tri-Elegance" Silver Anklet is a stunning piece of jewellery that seamlessly marries geometric charm with vibrant elegance. • The "Tri-Elegance" Anklet features a captivating triangular circular-like design adorned...
Colourful Harmony Anklet - Touch925

Colourful Harmony Anklet

₹ 2,561 ₹ 1,281
• " Colourful Harmony" anklet boasts a unique design with a delicate silver chain adorned with intricate details. Circular cubes on each end feature lively green dots, symbolizing energy and...
Blossom Symphony Anklet - Touch925

Blossom Symphony Anklet

₹ 2,986 ₹ 1,493
• The "Blossom Symphony" Silver Double-Layered Anklet, where nature's beauty harmonizes with artisan craftsmanship. • This exquisite anklet features a unique double-layered design that adds depth and dimension to your...
Seashell Serenity Anklet - Touch925

Seashell Serenity Anklet

₹ 4,073 ₹ 2,037
• The tranquility of the ocean with our "Seashell Serenity" Silver Double-Layered Anklet, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. • This exquisite piece seamlessly blends elegance with coastal charm, making it...
Sapphire Guardian Anklet - Touch925

Sapphire Guardian Anklet

₹ 3,956 ₹ 1,978
• The protective allure of the "Sapphire Guardian" Silver Rotating Evil Eye Anklet is a creation that seamlessly merges style with powerful symbolism. • This anklet showcases a captivating blue...
Symphony Shades Anklet - Touch925

Symphony Shades Anklet

₹ 1,892 ₹ 946
• The "Symphony Shades" Silver Cool Color Anklet is a harmonious blend of cool colors and symmetrical design that promises to elevate your style with serene sophistication. • The symmetrical...
Equestrian Elegance Anklet - Touch925

Equestrian Elegance Anklet

₹ 2,788 ₹ 1,394
• The “Equestrian Elegance Anklet” pays homage to the grace and beauty of horses, a symbol of strength and freedom. It's a unique piece that captures the timeless allure of...
Square Serenity Anklet - Touch925

Square Serenity Anklet

₹ 2,499 ₹ 1,250
• The "Square Serenity" Silver Anklet is a creation that beautifully captures the essence of contemporary design. • At its heart, you'll can see three distinct square designs, gracefully dangling...
Sleek Cascade Anklet - Touch925

Sleek Cascade Anklet

₹ 2,033 ₹ 1,017
• The “Sleek Cascade Anklet” shines with a captivating array of colourful beads, embodying a harmonious blend of beauty and sophistication. • Crafted from the resilient embrace of 92.5 silver,...
Silver Starry Anklet - Touch925

Silver Starry Anklet

₹ 3,609 ₹ 1,805
• The “Silver Starry Anklet” by Touch925 is a celestial-inspired masterpiece that captures the allure of the night sky with delicate silver star charms. • Crafted from 92.5 silver, the...
Twinkle Toes Anklet - Touch925

Twinkle Toes Anklet

₹ 3,117 ₹ 1,559
• The "Twinkle Toes" Silver Footprint Anklet features delicate footprints that celebrate your unique journey, accompanied by a swaying circular charm for added elegance. • Made from 92.5 silver, this...
Joyable Beads Anklet - Touch925

Joyable Beads Anklet

₹ 5,127 ₹ 2,564
• The " Joyable Beads Anklet," a wearable masterpiece where vivid and diverse beads come together on a canvas of creativity. • Crafted from 92.5 silver, the "Joyable Beads Anklet"...
Harmony Bar Anklet - Touch925

Harmony Bar Anklet

₹ 1,860 ₹ 930
• The "Harmony Bar" Silver Anklet, a symbol of unity, balance, and vibrant elegance. This anklet embodies a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and style. • The anklet features a sleek...
Hamsa Harmony Anklet - Touch925

Hamsa Harmony Anklet

₹ 2,868 ₹ 1,434
• "Hamsa Harmony" Silver Anklet beautifully combines ancient Hamsa hand symbolism with modern elegance. • Featuring three delicate Hamsa hand charms, this anklet celebrates protection, balance, and timeless silver craftsmanship....
Golden Sunrise - Touch925

Golden Sunrise

₹ 2,713 ₹ 1,357
Experience the radiance of a new day with our "Golden Sunrise" Silver Minimalist Anklet, a dazzling addition to the Touch925 collection. This anklet embodies the essence of simplicity, making it...
Eye Serenity Anklet - Touch925

Eye Serenity Anklet

₹ 1,892 ₹ 946
• The "Eye Serenity" Silver Evil Eye Anklet is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines elegance with the protective power of the evil eye. This anklet is a symbol of serenity...
Eternal Rythm Anklet - Touch925

Eternal Rythm Anklet

₹ 3,866 ₹ 1,933
• The "Eternal Rhythm Anklet" Silver Drum Anklet is a captivating piece that artfully captures the essence of movement, elegance, and timeless craftsmanship. • This anklet is a celebration of...
Eternal Roses Anklet - Touch925

Eternal Roses Anklet

₹ 4,043 ₹ 2,022
• The "Eternal Roses" Silver Anklet masterfully captures the timeless allure of roses, showcasing the elegance of silver craftsmanship and the exquisite charm of three-dimensional design. • Two black silver...
Eternal Heartstrings Anklet - Touch925

Eternal Heartstrings Anklet

₹ 2,487 ₹ 1,244
• The "Eternal Heartstrings" Silver Anklet is a graceful masterpiece designed to adorn your ankle with timeless elegance. Crafted with precision and care, each delicate link in this anklet chain...
Dragonfly Dreamscape Anklet - Touch925

Dragonfly Dreamscape Anklet

₹ 6,137 ₹ 3,069
• The "Dragonfly Dreamscape" Silver Boho Anklet is an exquisite creation beautifully captures the grace of dragonflies, the charm of the natural world, and the enduring elegance of silver craftsmanship....
Breezy Bowtique Anklet - Touch925

Breezy Bowtique Anklet

₹ 2,321 ₹ 1,161
• The "Breezy Bowtique" Silver Anklet is a creation that seamlessly style with the playful sophistication of bows. This anklet is a celebration of whimsy, color, and the timeless beauty...
Whispers Heart Anklet - Touch925

Whispers Heart Anklet

₹ 2,339 ₹ 1,170
• The Whispers Heart Anklet Embellished Silver Anklet, features three delicate hollow hearts that symbolize distinct facets of love. • The center heart is truly special with its exquisite embellishment,...
Flower Radiance Anklet - Touch925

Flower Radiance Anklet

₹ 2,349 ₹ 1,175
• The "Floral Radiance" Silver CZ Flower Anklet is a captivating piece that harmoniously encapsulates the delicate beauty of nature and the brilliant sparkle of CZ stones. It's a symphony...

Touch925's Silver Anklet Collection for Women

Explore the captivating collection of silver anklets for women at Touch925, your ultimate destination for the finest pure silver Indian jewellery online. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, we have the perfect anklet waiting for you.

Elevate your style with our range of trendy silver jewellery for women, specifically our eye-catching women's anklets online. Each piece seamlessly blends timeless tradition with a touch of modern flair, ensuring you stand out. Silver women's anklets have a rich history, symbolizing luck and style across cultures. From ancient times to today, these anklets have been a timeless accessory, and our collection continues this tradition with a modern twist. Crafted with care, our anklets boast quality craftsmanship for both durability and style. To keep them looking their best, avoid harsh chemicals and store them safely. Explore the Touch925 collection for a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion.

Touch925's Bestselling Women's Anklet Collection

Flower Radiance Anklet

Explore Touch925's top picks in the Bestselling Women's Anklet Collection. The Flower Radiance Anklet is a timeless and stylish accessory, perfect for those looking for pure silver Indian jewellery online. It's sleek and classic, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday look.

Diamond Heart Whispers Anklet

For effortless elegance, discover the Diamond Heart Whispers Anklet in our Bestselling Collection. This classic piece in pure silver Indian jewellery online redefines women's style with its simplicity and charm. Whether you're heading out for the day or a special occasion, this sleek accessory is a perfect addition to your ensemble.

Vintage Opulence Anklet

Find vintage beauty in Touch925's Bestselling Women's Anklet Collection. The Vintage Opulence Anklet showcases the artistry of pure silver craftsmanship, bringing a touch of historical elegance to your style. Embrace simplicity and grace with this stunning piece of silver jewellery for women.

Twinkle Toes Anklet

Dazzle with Radiant Links from our Bestselling Women's Anklet Collection. The Twinkle Toes Anklet adds a touch of luxury to your collection of women's anklets. Dive into the world of pure silver Indian jewellery online and discover a statement piece that shines with elegance.


Q.: What materials are your women's anklets made of?

A.: Our women's anklets are crafted from 92.5 silver. Silver offers unique qualities and styles to suit different preferences.

Q.: Do you offer personalized anklets for women?

A.: Yes, we have a selection of personalized women's anklets designed to add a unique touch to your jewellery collection. From initials to special dates, you'll find the perfect anklet to commemorate your special moments.

Q.: Are your anklets suitable for everyday wear?

A.: Absolutely! Our women's anklets are designed to be durable and comfortable for everyday wear. Whether you're at work, hitting the gym, or enjoying leisure time, our anklets will withstand daily activities while maintaining their integrity and style.

Q.: How do I care for my silver anklet?

A.: To maintain the brilliance of your jewellery, gently wipe with a clean cloth when needed. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.