8 Stylish Earrings with Price Options to Consider

8 Stylish Earrings with Price Options to Consider

Silver Sparkle: Touch925 Selections 

When it comes to style, earrings are something that people often notice first. Hence, choosing the right pair that elevates your overall look becomes crucial without turning it into a complete disaster. Now, worry not as Touch925 has got your back. From various sizes and prices to a marvellous range of varieties, we have handpicked some best matches of pure silver jewellery for you. Whether danglers or just some classic hoops, each piece has significance. So let’s dive further to explore the significance of this silver jewellery online

What type of earrings for women is most popular?

This year has surely witnessed the rise of two completely different aesthetics. Women are now entering their soft girl era with a collection of some beautiful pure silver dainty pieces while channelling their inner divas with bold statement pieces. Keeping this in check, let us have a look at some trendy silver earrings that are surely rising in the ranks of popularity. 

  1. Hoop Dreams: The Circular Sensation

Heading to a function and confused what to wear? Well, hoops are the safest and perhaps the most stylish choice. Its circular design not only provides an edge but also gives a fuller look to your face. Touch925’s Dazzling Elegance Chunky CZ C-Hoop is just the right match if you are looking for trendy silver designs. Be it a wedding or a magical gala night, these hoops know how to steal the show. And, the best part? It is budget-friendly! So let silver speak your style without breaking the bank.

  1. Stud Envy: The Timeless Classic Redefined

A small piece capable of making huge statements, these pieces are a must-have in your silver jewellery collection. Lightweight and budget-friendly, they are easy to carry around effortlessly. When in a dilemma of choosing your aesthetics, let Touch925’s White Disco CZ Tops make it a piece of cake. These white pearl beauties will surely not fail to turn some heads. 

  1. Dangle Desire: Elevating Elegance, One Swing at a Time

Who doesn’t love some long trail of sparkles and glam? Especially when it is made up of pure 92.5 silver, an epitome of luxury. Touch925’s White green CZ Earrings add just the right amount of elegance to make you shine all day and all night. The touch of green adds an element of vibrance to itr and the design adds a sense of fullness. If opting for light pastels or minimal dress, these danglers surely balance it out. 

  1. Drop Dead Gorgeous: The Cascading Charm

Blue, also known as the color of peace and serenity; surely has the power to add a touch of elegance to any look. When looking for some glam sangeet adornment or want a twist in classic haldi vibes, these Double Layered Teardrop Dangle Earrings are surely drop-dead gorgeous picks. The blue stones blended elegantly with pure silver, are not only comfortable to wear but also serve major fashion goals. Keeping the budget slightly on the higher side, these beauties are surely worth investing in.

  1. Chandelier Craze: Brilliance in Every Tier: 

Looking to add some desi girl charms to your ensemble? Touch925’s Rose Gold Dainty Cascade Dangling Earrings are just what you need. The perfect wedding jewellery addition to your bridesmaid ensemble, the beautifully intricate design with a rose gold hue adds fine detail to the look. If you are looking for some statement pieces while keeping the budget slightly high yet affordable, then look no further! These are is surely the best bets.

  1. Huggies Hugged: The Snug Embrace of Style

We all have that one kind of earring that becomes a part of us, almost LITERALLY. Surely, these Huggies are no exception to it.Touch925’s Luxe Cassic Silver CZ Bali, a small elegant pair of huggies is perfect for daily wear. With its anti-tarnish properties, forget about the stains now. Pure silver shine which can be worn now daily, be it any occasion. It is also budget-friendly so you can shop guilt-free.

  1.  Ear Cuff Captivation: The Edgy Allure

The latest trend spotted on several B-town celebs this year, ear cuffs have surely become a new icon. Well, where there is an icon, there is Touch925. The beautiful Ballad Bling Ear Cuff will surely ramp you up for your next red carpet-worthy look. The intricate pearl design blended with pure silver, gives an edgy trendy elegance look. With the price being on the medium margin, now shop style with a budget in mind.

  1.  Climber Climb: Ascending to New Stylish Heights

Want to give your ear a fuller look without carrying too much weight? These climer tops are just what you need then. The wedding silver sparkled mixed with a touch of the vibrance radiated from emeralds of green, Touch925’s Timeless Dainty Green CZ Tops stay true to its commitment - a timeless class. Be it any function, you can now surely rock your look with these beauties with the perfect affordability, because why compromise style when you can have it all? 

How to choose earrings for a girl?

After having some insights on the different types of earrings, the question that arises is which one is your perfect fit. When it comes to earrings, the choices are endless, with each having the potential to either uplift or ruin the look completely. Therefore there are several factors to consider before proceeding to purchase your dream pure silver piece. Let Touch925 help you briefly glance at some of the factors 

  1. Age-Appropriate Earrings

While buying a pair of silver earrings, it’s best to consider the age factor. If planning to buy for your children, try opting for lightweight and simply dainty designs that match their aesthetics and ensure safety due to soft piercings. As the age increases, one can surely explore different varieties. For women above their 50’s, opting for classic small lightweight danglers or studs gives a mature elegant look. 

  1.  Considering Her Style

Everyone has their style, not everyone can rock the hoops, and the same goes for other varieties. Hence, always consider your style before making a purchasing decision. If you are someone who mostly opts to wear casuals, then balis are surely the best bet. However, if your wardrobe is filled with Blair Waldorf’s fashion inspiration, then feel free to explore the stunning range of pure silver danglers, hoops, and teardrops from Touch925. It’s all about the style. 

  1. Material Matters

While choosing your perfect match, it’s best to keep in mind the material used. Worry not as Touch925 justifies your choice by providing pure silver jewellery made from 92.5 silver. The purity embedded in our silver jewellery is considered highly beneficial for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, and regulating body temperature.

  1. Occasion Essentials

Different occasions call for different types of earrings. Attending a wedding or a baby shower, how about we make a statement with some bulky teardrops or chunky hoops? Similarly, a simple pajama and gal pal nights surely call for dainty balis for a comfortable soft look. Hence it’s apt to ascertain the occasion before choosing your pick of silver jewellery design.

  1. Safety First: 

Always choose earring which has a secure clasp, with good fitting to avoid it getting lost. If it’s too tight, best to avoid it since it can become a major cause of skin damage. Similarly, best to learn your allergies beforehand than to regret after purchase. Touch925’s pure silver earrings ensure the optimum quality at the best price fitting all the trends. It aims at blending comfort with ultimate luxury and keeping safety as its top priority. 

  1. Size and Proportions

The size and proportion of your face have a tremendous impact on the types of pure silver earrings suitable for you. If you have a round or oval-shaped face, try opting for danglers or chandelier earrings since they add a length. For a square face with larger features, opting for studs or ear cuffs can complete the ensemble perfectly. 

The right match for you

After exploring the different varieties of beautiful pure silver earrings from Touch925 along with some manuals on rocking each, it’s now upon you to choose the right match. As mentioned before, each earring has it’s own tale to narrate and Touch925 aims at letting silver speak your style. So, what better way than to rock your ensemble with the perfect pair of pure silver earrings? Now it’s your time to sparkle the day with a touch of silver. Shop pure Indian silver jewellery online from Touch925

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